I Left my Corporate Job Making 75k with
no Real Pl …

I know there’s so many people that can’t see my future as I’m on this new journey and they may even be concerned if I’ll survive it, but I feel it in me and I know this is my new path I’m supposed to …


I Made 2k within the First Week of
Starting My Bus …

No matter how saturated the business that you are interested in entering is you have to remember that your personal touch is what will make it different.


5 Things a NYC Girl Did To Increase Her
Salary By …

Because there’s money out there, we just need to know how to get it!

BF Team

Chelsea Turpin: Leaving Your 9-5 and
Meaning It

Putting countless hours into a company that isn’t fulfilling your dreams can be heart tugging. We got a chance to catch up with Chelsea, a multi try-er of businesses. Coming to New York City as a stud …


There’s Money To Be Saved

While some people are really good at budgeting and saving, (Bless your heart). There are others who just need a little push. The good team at BarelyFinished decided to give you that push! Here’s 5 way …


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