Staying Productive while Working from Home

We spoke to 5 girls who are “OOO” currently, due to the continuous breaking news surrounding the Coronavirus. For the first time millennials are being forced to work from home, when that’s what we wanted all along. Are they reading our minds? Now that we are actually sent to our rooms, do we really want to be here… and how are we effectively taking on in-office task from the comfortability of our homes. We’re low key going stir crazy over here, and being told what to do really makes us want to do the opposite, like go into the office.

Kelly – 28 | Designer, Shoe Industry

How are you staying productive?

K: Making sure to work out daily and get outside. I want to start baking/cooking and do things I don’t normally have time for

What are some advantages of working from home?

K: I don’t have to rush out of the house to get to the office since I’m already “in the office”, I always find myself in a big rush in the morning. I also have access to anything in the comfort of my own home: liquids, food.

How do you think this will shape the future of working from home?

K: Everyone, including upper management, will be getting a taste of WFH so it may get people to be a little more open-minded about it rather than immediately shutting it down


K: Get dressed and put makeup on as if you’re leaving the house to go to the office. This will get you ready for the day and more motivated rather than lazy. I’m also staying positive with hopes this terrible virus will leave as fast as it came.

Jessica – 24 | Associate Manager, Advertising/Marketing Industry

How are you staying productive?

J: Setting up a designated “working” area and setting similar boundaries of when I’d go to work and when I’d leave for getting my work done.

What are some challenges and advantages?

J: Challenges…Easy distractions, harder to communicate with clients, find myself more tired/ hungry. Advantages: don’t have to wear real clothes, can take breaks as needed, can work more flexible hours.

How do you remain focused during the pandemic?

J: I don’t keep the news or the TV on in general. The media uses dramatization to scare people and trying to work under those stressed and uncertain conditions is extremely hard. Stay in-the- know and educated, but don’t be consumed by the media and know that most of this is out of your control. The only thing you can control is your own life, thoughts, and your productivity with the job you’re being paid to do. So focus on that, do your part to stay inside and listen to the government’s orders and focus on producing good work.

Emily – 23 | Sales Planner, Media Industry

How are you staying productive?

E: I am trying my best to have a routine to keep some normalcy in my life. Since, work life balance is at an all-time high right now, I am trying to incorporate working out, cooking, and spending time with my family as well as being able to do my daily work responsibilities.

What are some challenges of working from home?

E: Some challenges are not having enough resources to be able to functionally do my job. Going from 3 screens to a laptop makes it extremely difficult to efficiently and quickly get tasks completed.

How do you think this will shape the future of working from home?

E: I think that all our managers and directors see our dedication to the company and will continue to allow us to WFH when necessary. We are proving that we can do our tasks from a location outside of the office.

Jess – 24 | Campaign Manager, Media Industry

How are you staying productive?

J: Lots of video conference meetings, reading training manuals, and training sessions, but since I’m still very new I don’t have much to do yet so I’ve been reading, watching tv, doing puzzles and cooking in my down time

How do you think this will shape the future of working from home?

J: I think any workplaces that previously had a strict no WFH policy might be more lenient in the future since people can and are WFH.

Tips you’d give to someone in the transition to work from home?

J: Buy a desk, or have a designated workspace. I just bought one and it’s arriving today. (Don’t work in bed)

Work 9-5 (unless your hours are 9-6 or if you have a deadline). Make sure to separate work from play and don’t overwork yourself just because you’re home.

Take breaks. When you’re at work you talk to co-workers, walk to the kitchen, go for a walk in the city, or grab a coffee. It shouldn’t be any different at home, don’t log on for 8 hours straight. Give your eyes and mind a rest every hour (or more) and then go back to work. Also take a lunch!

Zarah – 34 | Program Coordinator, Health Care Industry

How are you staying productive?

Z: Due to our current situation I don’t feel productive at all. Mentally I’m in a confused space. I’m trying to think out of the box but everything seems to be blank. Thank God for working from home it helps pass some of the time.

How do you think this will shape the future of working from home?

Z: I think a lot of companies who weren’t open to it before may give it chance even if it’s not something that’s done regularly. It will definitely help those who run into childcare issues. Like everything else it will have its trail and error stage.

Tips you’d give to someone in the transition to work from home?

Z: You definitely need the proper set up. A desk and a comfortable chair to create a workspace environment so you can be comfortable and focused. I’d also say Stretch Stretch Stretch and Stretch some more. I can’t begin to tell you how many cramps I have had in the past 5 days lol.


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