FW20: We asked our Friends what they are Buying and Eyeing this Season

I hope this can find you inspiration, even better, I hope this finds you running for your wallet. If our job is done correct here you’ll at the very least have made a mental note of the steps needed to get you out of the biker short/ sweatpants routine you’ve been living in for, what 10 months? As we are all making way into the real world, our work spaces, restaurants, or whatever it is we are allowed to do let’s all agree on the time to get dressed! When’s the last time you’ve been properly dressed? I get it. Yeah I stopped counting too, but that’s why I had to send the text out, it’s tough. Like should I buy anything at this point, are we going into a second lockdown? But forget about all that, positive thoughts only. We hit up some of our most stylish friends for advice. BF sends text in the group chat .*”Hey, what do you have your eye on this season? I’m so lost right now!

The Frankie shop Long sleeve coat in Toast  – I love a good seasonal coat, and especially one I can buy and wear over and over again, this coat would stay in my collection forever. I love that the colour is called Toast, I love the 80’s style, length, the statement puff shoulders, and the buttons. It reminds me of winter in New York, walking around Central Park with a coffee. I can also throw this over my PJ’s when running to the shop for milk!

Sincerely Tommy, square toe ankle boots – I imagine these boots being the most comfortable boots ever, and along with the statement square toe & block heel these are a dream. I’m a buy now and wear forever girl, and I love that they can transition from autumn-winter to spring-summer, paired with a high neck knit dress for weekend brunch in the fall and then a white shirt dress for garden parties in the summer. The square toe peeping out from some wide leg black pants would look so cool too.
Luv AJ crystalline hoops – As an earring enthusiast, I will always have earrings on my wish list. These would be gorgeous paired with a big knit in oatmeal, black or navy, and blue denim and black boots for a cozy night in with the girls, drinking champagne by the fire. I also like to pair these types of earrings with a casual outfit, like jeans and a T – it’s a look that I go for when I cant decide what to wear, it’s foolproof.


CARCEL silk shopping bag – This shopping bag is made from 100% premium Thai one-ply silk sourced in Thailand. Made with beautiful craftsmanship by women in prison. Each carry bag is hand embroidered with the name of the woman who made it. Not only is this bag so cool, but it’s also consciously made and has a story behind it. I would use this for absolutely everything from the beach, dinner with friends, and of course grocery shopping.
COS Teddy fleece clutch – I’m crazy about this clutch! It goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and I love the size. It’s such a versatile piece and with a few trips to the dry cleaners, will stand the test of time. I can imagine this being quite the conversation starter too. I would pair this with a black silk slip dress and heels, or a White T, jeans, and trainers for running errands.

Rhude Varsity– This F/W I’m going for a classic minimal style. That’s why this piece would fit perfectly in my collection. It’s subtle enough, but pops with the rich yellow cowhide leather. The lightning bolt patch work on the shoulders just screams Spinn. Shit I feel as if Rhugi had me in mind when he made this lol. Not to mention it’s from the championship capsule dedicated to the Lakers, 2020 NBA Championship Win. So this got me written all over it; Spinn a Champion’s Champion.

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This is the perfect fall/winter sweater because of the preppy look. You can easily dress it up or down and still look put together. My favorite part of the sweater is of course the wording, “I’m a Luxury, Few Can Afford.” It’s legit a mood that I want to uphold. There’s humor behind it but truth. I’m really a luxury!


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I’m due for a new pair of boots, and these caught my eye. I love the white lining and material it’s made out of. These can also easily go with any thing. Consignment stores are really my favorite types of places to shop. You can find so many luxury items for a good price. It doesn’t bother me at all that they’re preowned. If the item is cute, then that’s all that matters to me.
I love how simple this top is. I can see myself wearing it with a blazer or with my favorite long black panelled coat from Mistress Rocks, with some leather pants, or maybe a leather mini skirt. This top can definitely be part of a New Year’s look. It gives me classy but spicy vibes, which I feel like I’m always trying to achieve now with my style.

Prada Re-Nylon Garbardine Puffer Coat  All year around, I find my wardrobe mainly consisting of black garments but it’s definitely amplified in the fall/ winter. I choose to play with different fabrics and textures (silks, leather, knit and cashmere) as long as it’s black! I fell love with Prada’s FW coats this season because of the modern remix on a classic silhouette! I always hated the bulky-ness of a puffer coat that steams from my childhood (having my dad buy coats that were tooo big and would last me years) but this modern twist is definitely eye catching. With the use of nylon fabric, the belt combo and puffer pockets this coat makes for the perfect wardrobe stable to stand out this FW.


Prada Leather Pouch Combat Boots – I feel like this one is so irresistible. Like, look how badass they are. My weakness is a good black pair of boots especially ones that can transition into each season. Let’s talk about how hard these are to find and how I stalked so many websites until some finally became available though. So with that dedication I couldn’t even think twice about snagging them up.

Ruve Loe Pants (Black) – I’ve been eyeing these pants for a while now and had to get them in both color options. The ruching/gathered/stacked trend has been a big thing this year and when can you ever really go wrong with a good pair of black pants, especially for the fall? Also because they are made of silk they still provide a level of comfort especially for those that have to add some layers underneath for warmth.


Jacquemus Le Grand Chiquito (Black) The Le Chiquito bag is just hot! But if we’re being forreal, I need something that’s going to be practical. I could never see myself carrying a bag that I can literally only fit an airpod in…like where am I going? But I also don’t carry bags that look like I’m about to take a day trip somewhere. I put this bag on the list because it’s the perfect balance between not too big and not too small and is also still very affordable for a luxury designer bag. I haven’t purchased this one yet but I think it’ll definitely be a Christmas gift to myself.

From Grayscale Hot Pink Strap Dress – I’m a firm believer in recycling the black dollar especially as a black business owner myself. I’ve shopped with this brand a few times now and just had to get my hands on this dress when it restocked. Aside from the fact that I wanted to throw some color into my picks, I chose this dress as a potential option for New Year’s. It’s so simple but still makes a statement.

Galen – People Operations and Analytics Manager, Brooklyn, NY

Skims Velour Long Robe – This Skims robe definitely surprised me. It is the definition of plush, honestly the softest thing I have ever felt in my life. Comfort can be sexy too and this robe proves it. After a long day, hot shower this robe feels like an intimate hug. It is long, but for my short girls don’t be intimidated it doesn’t drag, the length adds to the sexiness.

Chloe Diane Lace Up Boot – I’m a huge fan of Chloe shoes. The leather is top tier and has proven to last through dysfunctional Fall/ Winter New York weather. I love leather boots for winter that go with almost every outfit but show personality, not your average black boot. These stood out to me because from a distance they look black but once you get a closer look they are actually a very dark sultry green! I imagine wearing this with leggings or even a pleated skirt.  I am looking forward to making these my go to this season.

David Yurman Bracelet- Ah, David Yurman what can I say, a timeless classic. This bracelet is the perfect example of dainty with an edge, which is how i would describe myself. The twisted design adds texture while the onyx adds extra style to a statement piece that can stand alone. This is a piece I would wear everyday no matter the outfit as that one ladylike touch.


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