5 Things a NYC Girl Did To Increase Her Salary By 35K

No one wants to discuss it. It’s the elephant in the room. Salary. How much you’re making, how much you deserve to be making, and how much you wish you would’ve negotiated. In today’s world it’s no secret that women are underpaid. So in order to help bridge that gap, we must get comfortable with having these uncomfortable conversations. Here, we will analyze a young girl living in NYC who networked her way to her dream company and increased her salary by 35K in under a year.

Age: 23

City: New York City

Starting Position: Assistant Media Investor

Current Position: Sales Planner

Starting Salary: $35,000

Current Salary: $70,000

What made you leave your current job? I did not see much potential for growth as well as wanted to change my career path.

Did you negotiate your salary? Nope

What was your salary requirement? 60K+. I went in knowing what I could bring to the table. I also did my research so I knew what to expect.

Her 5 Step Plan

1. Research

I knew what industry I wanted to work in but I didn’t know the salary for the different positions. I did a lot of research, I spoke with people in the industry who weren’t afraid to share their salary, and I also went on lots of interviews so I was basically learning as going. I researched the key skills and made a list of what I knew and skills that I needed to learn. I looked into different companies and compared the positions and pay. It seems like a lot but it definitely was worth it in the end.

2. Figure out what skills would be necessary for the new position

I guess this would kind of fit into the research part but this is more specific. Skills are important and they will follow you where ever you go. It’s always a great thing to have a variety of skills. I took time to look into the skills that are required, and preferred. I made sure I had at least 3 of the 5 preferred skills. I think people should pay more attention to what companies are preferring because those are the skills that will set you apart. Yes, you have the basics but it looks great when you have a wide-set of these skills.

3. Set reasonable and attainable goals

I spent a good amount of time trying to make sense of my ‘goals’ list. Some were a bit absurd but some were reasonable. After going back and forth, I narrowed my goals down to things that made sense. A reasonable goal is one that can be obtained without the help of others. Meaning you have complete and total control of the outcome of this goal. Think like that when making your list.

4. Network through LinkedIn and Facebook groups

This was extremely helpful during my search. There are A LOT of nice people out there who are willing to help you with your career search. You just have to know how to approach them. I spent a decent time on my Facebook groups chatting with people who’s company was hiring. I also would DM recruiters on LinkedIn. Some would respond, some wouldn’t but the ones that would, almost always helped me in some sort of way.

5. Apply to EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, even if you don’t feel ‘qualified’

Often times we are told, “Don’t apply to jobs that you aren’t qualified for.” I think this is an old way of thinking. I say apply, apply, apply, and if you get a call back learn and research as much as you can and then sell yourself. In the end a company will hire you for who are and how well you present yourself. Never sell yourself short! Good Luck!

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