6 Ways to Decrease Stress and Anxiety

We are legit living in unpredictable times. Never in a million years did I imagine I would be stuck in my house all day every day and literally feel a sense of guilt for doing basic things like going to the grocery store or for a run. I CANNOT! With the COVID-19 pandemic and living in NYC, which is the epicenter for it. This has really taken a toll on my health both mentally and physically. With nowhere to run, literally and figuratively, I’ve decided that I needed to find other ways to cope and deal with my anxiety and stress. One that doesn’t always involve wine and liquor. I mean let’s face it, it does help sometimes. These methods have been life-changing, to say the least, and have gotten me through some of my hardest days while being in quarantine.

1. Meditate

I know it sounds so cliché and honestly, I never swore by it until recently. To sum it up—that shitreally works! Now, there aren’t any specific rules to meditating. I say, do it how you do it and do what works for you. I’ve downloaded a meditation app on my phone. I find a quiet place in my home, sit on my yoga mat, close my eyes, and breathe. It really helps because not only does it calm me, but it allows me to take my focus off other things and just monitor and really focus on my breathing. Deep breath in through your nose & “ahhh” out through your nose. Try this for 3-4 minutes of your day and see the difference it’ll make!

2. Cook a New or Favorite Dish and Pretend You’re on a Cooking Show

Now, I don’t know about you, but I get great pleasure from doing imaginary tutorials or talking to this invisible audience while doing almost ANYTHING! I found that cooking just seems funnier when you’re talking through the steps and process, whether it’s to someone, (a child, sig. other or sibling,) or to your impromptu YouTube/ IG fans. Whichever works. Side note: You do not have to do the talking through, for me it helps but just cooking something you love in general always helps alleviate stress or your mood. Whether you’re an aspiring Ina Garten or a proud member of the, “NAILED IT” club, just go for it!

3. Sleep it Off

Half of my anxiety stems from lack of sleep. Girl, you’re stuck in the house, you literally have nowhere to be. GO TO SLEEP or TAKE A NAP. It won’t hurt nor will you miss anything. I promise you, social media will still be there. On some of my awful days, I find that after going to sleep early, 9 pm to be exact, I wake up feeling like a new person and it’s the best thing ever.

4. Drink Tea, Not Coffee

I am not a big coffee drinker, so this is very easy for me. I know that coffee can cause major stress and anxiety. If you need the caffeine, try Green Tea or another tea with caffeine, and add Honey or Stevia as a sweetener. (Lay off the sugar) Tea has always been a calming tactic for me and it will always be my go-to.

5. Use a Diffuser with Essential Oils

The aroma seems to calm the air and everyone else around me. I love my diffuser. I use it to sleep, during the day for my mood and just for some well-needed aromatherapy. You know the feeling you get when you walk into a spa, it’s like a burst of calmness and you just know you’re about to leave feeling relaxed. Well, make your home feel the same way sis.

6. Do a Digital Detox

What is a digital detox? The same as a regular detox. You’re just getting rid of the bad or temporarily taking away something to start fresh and clear your mind. Stop scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because although you can find a few funny or humorous posts, a lot are hard, and stressful, sad news. We are already dealing with enough tragedy, we do not have to consume it all day, every day! While detoxing, I would recommend, reading a good book, doing a facial, taking a nice bath, or going for a walk or run. Just put away the laptop and phone for at least a few hours if you cannot do it for the whole day.

I know it’s hard to do everything on this list, but you must crawl before you walk. Try one thing a day or week and see how it goes. Or just see what helps you ease your mind of stress and anxiety because we literally are all dealing with it and could all use a break!


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