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Chad – @OGCHAD

How Would you Describe your Personal Style?

That question has always been difficult for me because I don’t believe I have one set style. On any given day, I can wake up and find inspiration randomly and it will show in that days outfit. This could be an old picture of my father in the 70’s & 80’s or a random person walking by. I just love to experiment and try new things; If it works, I can add that to my rotation of looks. One day you might see me in a full dark Rick Owens look and the next day its Saint Laurent cowboy boots looking like a rock star. The one thing I love about fashion is that it allows self-expression, no matter how daring. You are showing the world who you are one outfit at a time.


1. Leather jacket: In my case it’s my black biker jacket. The flexibility of it can help you go from day to night effortlessly. Whether you are taking a trip to Soho with a vintage T-shirt underneath & some Jordan’s to a business casual dinner with a button down, you are good to go. A leather jacket is very important and can get the job done every single time.

2. Fitted Hat: Growing up in Brooklyn your outfit wasn’t complete without a good fitted to match. As time went on, my hat collection expanded, but I always rely on a plain navy blue Yankee fitted. It’s still a necessity and a timeless piece.

3. Air Jordan 1’s: Jordan 1s are a classic sneaker; easy top five shoes of all time. The Royal Blue color way is my go to for any situation. It matches everything, even if you’re not trying to match. They look good whether they are an old used pair or brand new. It is easily a versatile shoe that you can wear with jeans, sweats or even trousers. Easily worn 3-4 times a week.

4. Grey Sweater: A grey sweater is important. I have numerous grey sweaters including crew neck and hoodies ranging from all different shades of grey. It’s a perfect neutral color to bring together the outfit and let you shine.

5. Black Wax denim: I love love black wax denim jeans. I tend to wear a lot of black but sometimes it can look boring. However with wax denim, it adds some flair to the outfit. You throw on some wax denim now your shirt tends to stand out a little more & the color in your shoes now pops out at you. I stick to just black but you can find different color wax denim out there, find your color & have fun.

Getting Dressed

My everyday style isn’t always consistently the same, but I continuously include at least one of my essential pieces when creating a look. No matter if I mix a grey sweater with trousers or jeans, it’s going to be front and center along with my Yankee fitted. I interchange my essential pieces often. I might not wear all of them together at once but one or two will be on display on any given day.

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