Behavioral Therapist Cydney Paige Tells us A little About Fashion

I got a chance to catch up with up and coming stylist Cydney Paige and we talked fashion, mental health, food, and decision-making as a young adult. Her instagram account is basically art in itself, a timeline filled with lewks hunny!

BF: How did you get into fashion?

Cydney: ” I would say having a Mom that’s very fashion forward is what sparked my interest in fashion and love for clothes and shoes. Ever since I was a child I loved dressing up and always wanted a new outfit to wear. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how important fashion is to me in my everyday life and my love for it has grown stronger over time. ”

BF: How have you made fashion work for you on the business tip?

Cydney: ” On the business end I’ve played with the idea of styling women and men in my city and I plan to execute the idea fully this year. ”

BF: What is the worst trend you regrettingly followed?

Cydney: ” The worst trend I’ve followed was back in 2015 when the plastic chokers had become trendy again. I didn’t realize then how tacky it looked, but it’s definitely a trend that needs to stay in the past. ”

BF: How does fashion make you feel?

Cydney : ” There is nothing I love more than fashion. Having the ability to use clothes to show my creativity excites me. I feel most confident when I have on a great outfit and others also recognize the effort and creativity put into an outfit. It also makes my heart happy to have friends to talk fashion and trends with. I could literally spend all day talking about clothes and discussing future looks. ”

BF: Who are your biggest fashion inspos? Describe their style.

Cydney: ” I would say a lot of my fashion inspo comes from women from NYC. I love the individuality women from the east coast have. I feel fashion there is limitless and very daring and I like that a lot. From a celebrity standpoint, I really love Kim Kardashian, Aleali May, and Kristen Crawley’s style to name a few. ”

BF: Closet Essentials?

Cydney: ” My number one closet essential would be vintage band tees. I would say 75% of my looks consist of some type of band tee. I also have a thing for coats and feel they really complete a look. Lastly, I love a good pair of denim jeans. ”

BF: How would you describe your personal style?

Cydney : ” I would describe my personal style as trendy with a mix of the classics. I like to mix high and low pieces to create a timeless feel that makes a statement. You’ll also find a lot of vibrant colors and patterns within my wardrobe. ”

BF: Who is Cydney outside of the clothes?

Cydeny: ” When I’m not busy putting looks together, I spend my time working in behavioral health as a therapist for elementary aged children. Another passion of mine is working with children and working with people in general. I would describe myself as a very fun-loving and compassionate individual who loves interacting with all different types of people. I also have an interest in trying restaurants all throughout the city of Indianapolis. I spend most of my weekends living out my foodie dreams. ”

Rapid Fire Round

Trendy or classic? Trendy

Comfy or extraaa? Definitely extra

Stone wash or tie-dye? Stone Wash

Lipstick or gloss? Gloss

Plain or pattern? Pattern

One thing you can’t live without? My phone

Summer or winter? Summer but I love winter fashion more

Heels or flats? Heels

Calling or texting? Texting

Cydney helped me to realize that fashion isn’t this complicated thing to be intimidated by, it’s literally just an expression. Mixing highs with lows, getting dressed up to try a new food spot, shit just getting dressed for an insta post can all help a woman to feel more comfortable and embraced in her own skin. I commend women like Cydney who have a passion that they remain engaged with and take seriously, even when it’s not what pays the bills. If anything, we can all take a few notes from @Cydney_Paige page. Check her out!

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