Being More Productive at Work

Or at least looking like you are, because come on!

1. Make a To-Do List

Having a visual of how your day is looking will help to keep you on track. As you notice those check marks next to 20 something task you’ll feel better about your day.

2. Take a Break

We aren’t robots, and if your work is boring you can tend to feel that way. Get away from your desk at least every 90 mins for 2 mins. This could be a bathroom break, because trust me we’ve all worked through a restroom break. Or it could be you walking around the office to stretch your legs. How ever you want to do it, just get away from your desk. You arent chained there.

3. Get Through Your Emails

Emails, emails, emails, we all get them and yes although it’s easy to just give an answer it’s much easier to ignore the girl from accounting thats bugging you with deadlines. Bottom line is the emails aren’t going anywhere and they will haunt you until complete. Every morning you should make a routine of responding to all your emails from the night before and leaving any email that needs further attention open so that you do not forget to go back to it.

4. Set Daily Goals

Be an over achiever. Seriously. We know everything can not get done in one day, but if you knew you could complete four task, push yourself to complete six, if only 5 get done at least you did more than the usual. and who doesnt feel good about doing more than they thought they could.

5. Drink Water

Put this on your to do list. Put it on a post. Set yourself an alarm. But no matter what drink water. It’s too easy to forget to drink water and work should not be the reason you dont get that H20. You can also make this apart of your break, by taking a hike to the water fountain and refilling your bottle.

6. Follow up

If you’re going to do the job do it right. Just because a team member is slacking off doesn’t mean you have to. Not getting that project done because Mike from payroll didn’t approve the budget isn’t going to sit well with your boss. Did you follow up with Mike to make sure everything was on track? Having the answer before being asked the question is key to a promotion.

7. Be Consistent

Yes we all have bad days, but slacking off at work is a no-no. Have the same energy you had in your interview, everyday on the job. You can not reach the next level with basic behavior. Leave your personal life at home. Business is truly that, Business.

8. Give Your Coworkers A Break

I’d rather hang out with my friends all day too, and hearing about Stacy’s drama with her cheating boyfriend is so much better than getting over approved print to Kim in the next department but hey, Stacy’s boyfriend is not cutting checks. You can hear all about that at lunch.

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