BF: Quarantine Reads

What are you doing with all this free time? It took me 14 days in to finally get in the routine of doing nothing. I literally couldn’t handle the no routine-routine of life. In all honesty i’m worried about fitting back into my normal routine. So, I’ve decided to do somethings I didn’t really have time to do, as I suspect many of us have been doing… cleaning, watching an insane amount of series on Netflix, cooking (or learning how to), zooming, sulking, instagraming.. the list can go on.

One thing the normal routine of life took away from me was being able to read books. I’ve always loved a good story, I’ve even joined bookclubs to make it a sport. But you know life can really take you away from the things you enjoy.  Now that life in a sense has been taken away I’ve decided to get into the habit of reading again. It wasn’t easy, I started out with 15 minutes a night and now I’m fully hooked.

Here’s a list of books the BF team has put together, we know outside is closed but amazon delivery is open. So why not catch up on a good story, a thriller, learn how to be a millionaire, a love story ….

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