BF: The Go To, For No Flu

Dead smack in the middle of flu season, whether you believe in getting the shot or not, we think it’s worth taking a shot of this recipe we at BF swear by. Read more below.

The Recipe (What you need)




Lemon and/or Lime

Honey (Optional)

Now, I’m no health expert but I google everything, and as every year passes we hear about the wrath of the flu more and more which frightens me. I won’t say that I have all the knowledge as to why you shouldn’t get the flu shot, but I can say, I have yet to get the dirty bird and I stand by this super spicy drink.

1. Ginger anti-inflammatory (congestion and sore throat)

2. Turmeric an antioxidant power house (protecting cells from free radicals, which are unstable atoms that fight cells causing illness)

3. Pineapple for taste plus packed with vitamin C

4. Lemon and Lime known for the full range of vitamins they carry, especially Vitamin C

5. Honey for taste and a bonus throat soother (Optional)

Blend it all up and voila!

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