Black in Fashion: NYVRA

We’re still checking in with some black owned fashion brands. Less then a year in and the man behind the brand has accrued over 10k followers with his T-shirt brand turned multi fashion house. High-end Fashion hasn’t been a level playing field in diversity but that hasn’t stopped NYVRA’s designer from creating. If you were as curious as us to know the meaning behind the brands name, we found out. We also know the next black fashion brands you can start looking into! Read more below…

How would you describe your personal style?

DM: “Uh, I would say out of the box not necessarily what you will typically see in stores. I go for comfort more than anything.”

The start of NYRVA

DM: “I started in the house when I was really broke. Something a lot of people don’t know is that I was even homeless at a point about two years ago. This is why I’m so humble because I come from nothing, literally lost everything at one point, and I know where I am now. God can take it all away whenever, so you always got to remain humble. I just have to thank God.”

What set the tone?

DM: “When Pharrell Williams dropped his book “A Fish Doesn’t Know It’s Wet”. This was 2019 I think, I saw it and was like I should put this on a shirt. I put it on a shirt, wore it on my instagram page and people kept asking where I got the shirt from. I ran with it…”

Is there a secret behind the name?

DM: “My old brand name was “What-Not”. I wasn’t satisfied with it so I thought of NYRVA by taking my daughter’s name “Avryn” and flipping it.”

What are some key pieces you always have in your closet?

DM: “I would say a hat, I don’t go anywhere without a hat. Playhouse World or KillthehypeLA my two go to brands. Also an oversized hoodie, any brand!”

Playhouse World, KillthehypeLA

Any new pieces you’re looking to add to your wardrobe?

  DM: “Yeah right now I’m in search of a KAPITAL Bandana Patchwork Jacket, I recently purchased the Travis Scott AF1’s! Lol, I wanted those for the longest and finally got my hands on them.”

KAPITAL, Nike X Travis Scott

What keeps you pushing to do more?

DM: “I have a 4 year old daughter, she’s my world. I dont think I would have started my brand if it wasn’t for her being born.”

If you got a text right now to go out for drinks with a group of friends, what would be your go to outfit?

DM: “I wouldn’t, lol I really don’t go out much! But if I did it would probably be a pair of leather NYRVA pants a white T-shirt and some Jordan 1s.”

Who are some of your favorite Black owned brands?

What’s your favorite era of fashion?

DM: “I love retro anything, so I would say the 90s. That’s when Hip Hop and Streetwear collaborated.”

Shop the brand: N Y R V A

Photos: Provided by David

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