Bred 1’s x Lil’ Wayne x Brooklyn: We Got to Know @NOTTHEREALSNEEK

What do you get when you mix Lil Wayne, Seafood, and a Sneaker aficionado? A very well-informed fashion and lifestyle persona who is also is one of the hosts for the “IGHT SO BOOM” podcast. We had the pleasure of talking with Sonny, better known as @NotTheREALSNEEK. From traveling, to a sneaker collection one could only dream of; we heard it all.

Photographer: Gio Haddock

Seeing how Instagram is saturated with sneaker fanatics, collectors, and hype beast, we couldn’t help but wonder where Sonny felt he fit.

BarelyFinished: How do you feel you set yourself apart from the rest of the “sneaker heads?”

Sonny: “I care about the clothes and aesthetics just as much as the sneakers. I’ve always been into fashion. If I’m going to wear fly sneakers, then my fit has to be fly too.”

We feel you Sonny.

It’s not every day you get to speak to a sneaker connoisseur, and with the fast growth of the resale culture we were lucky to get some insight about where he sees it heading. Sonny predicts that this industry is here to stay. With new stock trading stores and companies opening at what feels like on a monthly basis, he told us StockX is really doing numbers.

Sonny: “StockX is a unicorn company which grew its value of 1 Billion in under 3 years.”

Sonny is the Streetwear Lead for StockX. In short, he authenticates any and every street wear item that passes through the company. Of course, there was pure curiosity when it came to his sneaker collection.

BF: So how many pair of sneakers do you own?

Sonny: “I own over 200 pairs of sneakers last time I counted.”

When asked which sneaker he could give the infamous label as “favorite” his response was:

“For a sneaker enthusiast like myself, picking a favorite pair of sneakers is like picking a favorite child, it’s hard, you really can’t choose.”

So, we revised the question. We asked if he could wear the same sneaker over and over; which would it be and why? And he proudly said, “Bred 1s! They go with everything.” For those that do not know the Bred 1’s are Air Jordan 1 High “Bred”. Bred is short for Black and Red. These sneakers are rare and special because they were banned due to the colorway violating the league’s uniform policy. They are also apart of the ‘OG’ collection of Jordan’s. Classic Kicks.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, it was his trip as a kid to the Dominican Republic that helped sculpt him into the big Lil Wayne fan he is today. “I went to DR and my cousins were like ‘Yo! You have to listen to this rapper Lil Wayne he’s the biggest thing out here’ so I listened and ever since became a fan. Wayne carried me through my High School and College career because it felt real, we are also close in age.” Besides being a Weezy fan, he enjoys traveling with friends. He told us about his trip to New Orleans for Lil WeezyAna Fest and how much he enjoyed the food and culture. He left us some places where we should visit while out there.

Sonny’s Recommendations:

1. Willie Mae for the best fried chicken

2. Surrey’s Cafe and Juice bar for breakfast and lunch.

The BF team had an amazing time speaking with Sonny. It felt like we were old friends catching up on our lives. We quickly learned Sonny is a man who does it all. He excels at his respective career, takes great care of his 3 cats: Drizzy, Tunechi, & Barbie, runs a successful portfolio-like Instagram, and discusses it all on his Podcast, “Ight So Boom”. (To our fellow New Yorkers, we know you know the lingo!) It’s like when you’re about to tell a really good story, because all good stories start with “Ight so boom”.

Make sure you follow him on IG @NotTheREALSNEEK.

Check out photos from our shoot with Sonny below:



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