Champagne x Margiela x Endieu We Talked with The Girls Behind The Brand

Photographer – Gio Haddock

With a playlist featuring everything from Evelyn Kings “Love Come Down” to Meek Mills “100 Summers”. We talked, we laughed and we got to know the girls behind the brand Endieu.

The BarelyFinished team was welcomed into The Endieu ladies super stylish Bronx apartment, where we enjoyed Champagne and girl talk, covering everything from style to toxic men, because both are equally important. We even got some kisses from the man of the house Hendrix, the Pitbull-Fox Terrier mix who wanted just as much camera time as his mamas. Luckily, the girls were not camera shy, we practically dived right into shooting on the walk in. With Hendrix on our tails, great conversation flowed and even better moments were being captured of the girls around their apartment. “Not to down play any celebrity, but it feels better when a regular person is in our shirts.” The New York born twins were so humble about the growth of their brand and doted on the fact that people just like them wanted to be apart of the brand. And here at BF, we love a good ‘started from the bottom now we here’ story.

Chelsey: “She doesn’t really cook that much. I will say she can make some bomb ass nachos and really good fried chicken, but when it’s time to cook it’s always me!”

BF: Who’s a person that you can say wowed you when you saw them in the brand?

Chelsey: “No shade to famous people, but more people that aren’t famous are the ones that support us. I was once sent a video of two girls in a spot wearing the shirt, and that right there was a highlight. more than anything, that was the highlight; the two girls in the spot. ”

Chyanne: She’s the alpha! I would’ve said me, but she’s the hot head one, I’m more level headed these days.

How twin sisters formed a brand, that all the instagram it-girls seem to love.

What started off as matching tattoos, turned into an out of home business for the two ladies. Giving a huge amount of credit to Justin Thomas, who had a heavy influence and helped to get the brand off the ground.

BF: Do you feel people believe in you?


I think they do, but I don’t think I think about that, that much. I think I believe in us and she believes in us and that’s what matters the most. I feel that aura is shown to everyone else and that’s why they fuck with our brand so much. ”

BF: What does Endieu mean?

Chelsey: “We wanted tattoos that said In God we Trust but we weren’t sure how we wanted it translated. Endieu, meaning In God, was the shortest form of the French translation.” The girls got inked with this saying a few years before the t-shirts were designed. ”

Chyanne: “We are always either, eating, drinking, or smoking. We wake up at 7 am everyday. Not sure if it’s the big windows or anything but we’re up. That couch is our office.

BF: How would you describe your style?

Chelsey: “Super laid back, if I could wear sweatpants and like good sneakers everyday I will. My thing is, a good jacket, good shoes, and a good purse.”

Chyanne: “I’d say my style is street, chic, it really depends on my mood”

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Click through below to see the stylish girls pose around their Bronx apartment.

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