Finding the Right Products for Your Hair, According to a VIP Hair Stylist.

Did quarantine get the best of you, or did you just get really bored? Whatever the reasoning, I know we all cut, colored, or in some way or another botched our hair. Now is the time to get back on track. The constant battle is just that constantly. We get our hair where we want it and then boom, bleached. So how are we whipping it back to its natural state after a summertime worth of bleach?

We asked a hair guru because we’re just trying to do better. 

Straight out of New Orleans, her name is Ashanti. That’s who we’re talking to in a time of desperation. Do you sometimes feel desperate when it comes to getting your hair tamed and back to usual? Same. Ashanti has been doing hair since, forever. Hard work and dedication groomed her into the celebrity stylist who is not only styling to serve looks but making sure the health of your hair is also looked after. That is music to my hair follicles. 

So, along with her journey to becoming the hair guru for all hair types **big plus** We got to ask what’s the secret sauce to keeping your hair growing and healthy? Ashanti walks us through it. Of course in the true fashion of women and wanting to know it all, not only did we find out the things we need to have our heads covered at home, we were dying to know how Ashanti even made it to this point in her career.  

I’ve actually been doing hair professionally, as in getting paid for my services, since I was 14 years old. By the time I was a junior in high school, I was one of the most talked about hair stylists in New Orleans. This led me to attending cosmetology school right after and managing a very popular salon at 20 years old.

BF: Lessons learned, delving into the industry? 

AL: Two things I learned early on; 1) That customer service is key to success and longevity in this industry, and 2) you have to be in a constant state of learning and mastering your craft. Otherwise, this industry will pass you by.


BF: Where do you plan to take her career? 

AL: I’ve been behind the chair for more than 20 years, and while I still love everything about hair, I just believe I have so much more to offer the world. So this year you will see me transition away from doing hair daily and focus more on growing my businesses. VIP Luxury Hair Care is doing really well but it definitely deserves more of my attention. I also want to develop more into the educational side of the industry, allowing other stylists to learn from my experiences; good and bad.


BF: In building her own brand, what was most important to Ashanti that was maybe missing in hair care products?

AL: I started out looking for a growth solution that really worked. I had been through a traumatic hair experience in cosmetology school that caused my hair to shed and I had so many clients that would struggle to grow their hair. Greaux Drops became that solution and spawned a full suite of high-quality products that work universally, for all hair types and stages.



BF: Any advice on testing new products? Give us a hair secret, anything? 

AL: I would suggest thoroughly reading the product label and the ingredients list. Don’t just go by listed advertisements. Definitely read the reviews online. A little research goes a long way.


BF: How should we be caring for our hair at home, for most hair types:

AL: Create a schedule for your hair care. Schedule your wash days with yourself,  as you would with your stylist. Pick two days out of the month to deep condition your hair. Make sure you hydrate and moisturize your hair daily, sealing your ends and wearing silk or satin bonnets at night.

BF:  What products should every girl have to keep her hair healthy when she’s skipped the salon?

AL: Our entire line, duh! LOL. Just kidding, but not really.


 Ashanti’s top Picks

AL: The GREAUX Healthy Hair System, for growth. Our Rosé Champoo & Conditioner, for moisture. Our D.LUXE Detangler and ProLong Oil for daily maintenance. And our ELITE Edge Control to keep those edges laid during those 3-hour Zoom calls.




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