For the Culture: Welcome to Silk City

Reclaiming the Silky


Straight from the source, Silk City, a Harlem based lifestyle brand dives into self-care. Looking back on our own childhoods and our mothers bathroom cabinets we’ve bonded over the key items that we all once used. Pink lotion, bonnets, bow bows, hair ties, durags… Fast forward to the present, you can now see durags on high fashion runways and celebrities. No longer being deemed “ghetto”—For some durags are a trend but for Silk City it’s a way of life. There is no specific age limit or gender to who wears a durag, it’s for all. 

Dating back to the 19th century durags were originally used to tie down African American slave women’s hair during child labor, then by African American men to lay their hair down during sleep. Durags eventually became a staple item in the African American household.  

Silk City has reclaimed what Durags mean to the community. This isn’t a trend, it’ who the culture has been since the 19th century and we aren’t ashamed of who we are. The Durag has been criminalized and considered a piece of low class, the guys behind the brand will show you different. 


What is Silk City?

Silk City is a lifestyle brand. Not only are we responsible for making durags trendy again, but we promote self-care through humor  and through our unique style. We embody looking good, smelling good, and feeling good. When you look good, you feel good. When you have Silk City product, we want you to feel good in it, no matter what it is; It could be a brush, a durag, a shirt, or even some high quality basketball shorts. Whatever it is, you feel that aura. Even when looking at our social media you feel the vibe. Ultimately, we want our customers to feel like they’ve reached maximum potential when having/wearing a silk city product. That’s why we focus on self-care internally and externally so you can be the best version of yourself.

What can we expect from the brand in the near future?

 For us, everything is about growth. Each year we focus on being better and producing better quality then we did in prior years. With that being said, in 5 years our goal is to be a main-stream lifestyle brand and to have “SilkCity” be a household name in multiple countries. We want to bring our culture to the forefront, break down negative stigmas, and have a positive impact on different communities.

How are durags positively influencing the culture?

“The negative stigma associated with durags was questioned once mainstream fashion houses added them to their runway shows and started to recreate their own versions. As it relates to us, by creating multiple colors we allow people to be creative and switch up the flavors depending on their outfit. Nonetheless, we changed the negative outlook on durags and turned it into something fashionable in hopes of having a positive impact on the culture.” – Silk City

The Culture

“There have been a lot of stereotypes regarding Durags that we have either effected or changed. The Durag is both unisex and multi-cultural. We look to challenge the norm of only black men wearing durags by appealing to a broad range of people. All in all, we’ve seen the diversity of the Durag increase while also watching it go from a household item to something you always keep on you.” – Silk City

How have durags transitioned from a staple household headwear to a high end fashion piece?

“In Harlem, the durag has always been a fashion statement. Fashion powerhouses have always looked to the black community for inspiration. The latest resurgence of the Durag has been led by us alongside rapper Asap Ferg.” – Silk City


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