From LA to NYC, We Talked to Stylist Lauren Brown-Wellington

Born and raised in Compton, it seemed like a big transition to leave behind sunny skies for New York City’s 4 seasons.

Photographer: Gio Haddock

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What started off as a conversation with her cousin and a big move to New York City, eventually turned into a career in fashion. BarelyFinished sat down with Lauren Brown-Wellington and discussed her decision to move to The Bronx, being married, starting a family, working on set with Christina Milian (No big deal) and her styling career. A Jane of all trades (Pun intended). Here’s 12 questions with Lauren.

BF: What made you move to New York?

Lauren: Honestly, I never saw myself spending the rest of my life in LA. I came here (NYC) when I was 14 and I hated it. Too many buildings, no sunlight. So different from LA. I had no family in NY. Then when I came back at 19, I was like hmm maybe I can do this, and I’m here now. I’ve been here for 10 years.

BF: How did you get into styling and fashion?

Lauren: When I graduated High School in Los Angeles, I told my cousin who’s in the music industry, that I wanted to be a stylist. I watched June Ambrose and Crystal Streets. They styled all my favorite Hip Hop artist. I was introduced to one of the top stylists in LA, Joe Exclusive. He’s styling Summer Walker. He was my mentor for 4/5 years. I also did a lot of assistant work for Keyshia Cole and a bunch of actors.

BF: You decided you didn’t want to style anymore out in Los Angeles, why not?

Lauren: Styling could be hard. If you’re not established, it’s a struggle to get paid. I wasn’t really reaping any of the benefits monetarily. So, my last job was for King Magazine and it was Christina Milian’s cover issue. I love her but, OMG she gave me HELL! Don’t edit this out. She was such a piece of work.

BF: What is your day-to-day like?

Lauren: I’m really all about this mom life to the T! My priority is my son. That’s why I’ve been really focused on being an entrepreneur. I want to be there for all his school activities, and I like to pick him up from school.

BF: Okay, so it’s Monday at 6 am, what are you doing?

Lauren: So, Monday at 6 am, I am hitting the alarm; I need another 15 minutes of sleep! Once we’re up, I make breakfast and pack his lunch. I must make his lunch every day because he doesn’t like school lunch. Depending on the day my husband will either take him to school or sometimes I’ll walk him. After that my day consist of focusing on my Real-Estate business or prepping for my personal styling clients.

BF: What made you get into closet revamping?

Lauren: It was my mom’s idea. She’s super organized and I’m super organized. So, I tested it out on my friend @PASSPORT_CUTTY. I did her closet to make sure it was something that I really wanted to do, and the rest was history.

BF: What was a surprising moment for you so far in your closet revamping career?

Lauren: This was a big deal to me because I watched her on television. Brooke from Basketball Wives reach out to me while I was on vacation and I was like “Wow!” You never know who’s watching.

BF: What are 5 essential items every woman should have in her closet?


  • A blazer
  • A dress
  • A nice white shirt
  • A good statement bootie
  • A pair of good denim

BF: LA style vs New York style?

Lauren: LA style in my opinion is more relaxed. People don’t really get dressed up unless they’re going out. In New York, people are always overdressed, and you get a variety of styles no matter where you go.

BF: How would you describe your style?

Lauren: Tom-boy chic. If I didn’t have these heels on, I would’ve definitely had on sneakers. At the same time, I like to be sexy.

BF: How do you juggle being a wife, a mom and an entrepreneur?

Lauren: I do a good job with finding a balance. I think I have pretty good flexibility. But there are times when I’m on set for a while and I feel like I’m missing out. Thankfully my husband is there. God sent. I also like to set up my day while prioritizing my home life.

BF: Last question, what is something that someone wouldn’t know about you from looking at your Instagram?

Lauren: I’m goofy AF! I love laughing. I laugh at EVERYTHING. I also enjoy making other people laugh.

Check out some shots taken during our convo with Lauren below! You can also follow Lauren on IG @ellebwellington






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