Haircare: Treating my Bleach Blonde Hair While Under Quarantine

First and foremost I can not wait for outside to open back up… In the meantime I’m dealing with Quarantine by the day. Aside from the natural worries, one that was for sure in my top uh let’s say top 4 was what would happen to my newly bleached hair. Salons became nonessential business; who would have known. No worries I don’t have anywhere to go anyway… It was probably day 8 of quarantine for me when I realized I needed to wash and treat my hair alone and actually processed what that meant. Not only is my hair newly bleached, it’s also at its shortest length ever. Being that I am no match with a blow dryer, curling wand. Etc. Short hair did not mean easier management for me. It just upped my struggle a few notches. I’ve decided to focus strictly on the health, I haven’t been invited to a party yet so the styling could hold off.

Here’s what I’m using:

Straight out of the salon with newly bleached hair, my stylist sent me to sephora with a list of products I needed. Of course I did my research beforehand and I agreed. My options were Olaplex and Aveda. To all my blonde girls, when it comes to these products it’s like are you from Brooklyn or the Upper West Side.. Olaplex vs Aveda. I turned out to be an Olaplex girl so I’ll let you be the judge.

No 3 Hair perfector, No 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, No 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

No 7 Bonding Oil, No 6 Bond Smoother

My Routine:

Rule number one, don’t get lazy. Especially when it comes to your hair. I know it’s super easy to get laxed but trust once we’re all invited back out you’ll regret it. Just like I’m sure you’ve been staying up all night beigne watching… whatever is on netflix, you’ll regret that one too.

I’ve been sticking to my hair process routine as much as possible

1. Making sure to sleep on my silk pillowcase

2. Masking once a week.

3. Using a leave in conditioner

4. Washing everyone 3 to 4 days | I’d say go longer if you feel comfortable, for me my hair gets super oily around day 2 and I can’t stand it. (After about two washes on my bleached hair I noticed it wasn’t getting any more moisturized it was just becoming dryer… hmm)

5. No heat! One thing the quarantine has been good for. I’ve used no heat, I simply let my hair air dry…

6. I even purchased scissors to trim my edges. (Wish me luck here)

There’s truly no way to have perfect bleached hair, but there are ways to combat the damage.

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