I Made 2k within the First Week of Starting My Business

Photographer: Gio Haddock

As many of us work our corporate jobs we wonder our true purpose. How can we make more money? More than this at least. Yearning for appreciation, or wondering what else is out there and what that something might mean to us. We get it. It’s stressful, we’ve been there. With your plan all mapped out now you feel it’s time to make the move…but not all of us will have someone to fall on in case the plans don’t fall through. So what’s the plan… Keep your job, The Accessory Stylist tells us.

Most of us start out in the real world, trying to match up to what we told our parents we were going to school for, fashion, advertising, business, the list can go on… After graduating we set out to find the golden job, yes the one we studied to the T. But let’s be real, it doesn’t always work out that way. Zarah had a passion for helping others and landed herself in the healthcare industry. Granted it wasn’t all that fulfilling. But there you have it, a healthcare professional. We needed that. Thanks girl!

Starting out with $110 dollars and an idea, Pretti Lil Thingz is now 7 years in business and has made close to 6 figures in sales.

You have to believe more in yourself, everytime I came up an idea to grow whether is was professional or personal I succeeded. -Z

When did you start thinking of your side hustle?

“I remember this like it was yesterday. I was working as a cashier and I was broke. Living paycheck to paycheck and one day it just came to me to figure out how to flip my last $110. I chose accessories because I always wore them and I would get lots of compliments, people would even try to purchase them off of me, so I figured it was only right to give selling a try”

If there is one thing you could tell someone, at any age or point in life itching to start something aside from the main hustle what advice what you give?

“Well I have 2 points that I would give which would be, There is no perfect time to start you’ll figure things out along the way, and i’d say just careful when sharing your ideas or plans with people… your family and friends will likely want the best but not all will understand or see the vision that was set out for only you.”

At what point did you feel acting on your own ventures paid off?

“Within a couple of days of purchasing. I completely sold out of my first set of items. I was able to make a profit and reinvest.”

What was the most profit you saw in a month of sales that encouraged you to go harder?

“A month? I can’t recall, but i’ll give you one better in 5 hrs I was able to make $2,000, which is what I was making in one paycheck at the time.”

What are some of the pros and cons of working for both yourself and someone else?

“You always have an income – I’ve made money while I was sleeping. Working still puts you in an environment to meet new people and new people equals new possibilities – clientele. My time is very limited so i’d say a huge con is that I’m not able to put my all into growing my business. ”

How do you find a good balance?

“Good question. I don’t I’m still trying to figure that out. Thank God for a good support system that fills in for me when I’m unable to do it all.”

No matter how saturated the business that you are interested in entering is you have to remember that your personal touch is what will make it different. -Z

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