I tried an at-home Sugar Wax and here’s why I’ll never do it again

I never thought I would see the day I would be 2 months into the summer and no Brazilian Wax. Well 2020 had some plans for me— Day 234 of quarantine and I just couldn’t go any longer with hair down there. Yes, I know, I could shave, or nair it off. But listen, my wax lady was very specific when she said do not resort back to the shaving or naring. I didn’t want to disappoint her or cause any unnecessary wax pain on myself. So what did I do? I went into my kitchen and made my own sugar wax. Genius. 

To make sugar wax it’s almost so simple, you start to wonder why the hell am I paying someone to wax me in the first place. Ingredients below: 

1 cup of sugar

1/4 cup of lemon juice

1/4 cup of water

1 glass jar for storing

Come Through Sugar

1. Pour your sugar into your saucepan

2. Pour in your liquids. (Water and Lemon Juice)

3. Turn your heat to medium-high, stay close though because you do not want this to burn

4. Stir and stir and stir

 5. Get off of Instagram and watch your pot!

6. After a few minutes or so, your mixture should turn to a light brown color

7. Turn off your stove

8. Pour your fresh sugar wax into the jar but make sure the jar isn’t too cold or it’ll break 🙁

9. Once its at a comfortable temperature for you, start waxing

10. I suggest checking out YouTube for techniques and tricks to do it safely, that’s what I did!

Let the Waxing Begin

I started this process as if I was a professional. I got into formation, grabbed my powder and made sure the area was clean and dry. Once the wax was warm and I got it on my skin using a butter knife because I didn’t have any wooden candy sticks. (Def use those instead of a knife) I let it dry for a bit and then I pulled it up in the opposite direction my hair grew in. The first one seemed too easy. For a second I started to feel like I could run my own sugar wax salon.

Then things started getting kind of wacky. Trying to apply the wax and remove without causing any extra pain, a whole project! After a few strips, I noticed I started to sweat which doesn’t help while waxing because it tends to just slip. I had to add more powder, and pay attention to the wax because you don’t want it to get too cool. Basically, we pay for our waxes for a reason.

After about 1 hour and half my Brazilian was done and to my surprise it looked great. I added aloe vera gel to soothe the area and then moisturized with Coconut oil.

The Good: Aside from all the mess, my areas now looked smooth and hair free.

The Bad: Keeping the wax warm while inside of the jar, keeping your areas dry while moving at the best pace you can.

The Ugly: The clean up. The wax gets on things and its not easy cleaning it up 🙁

Overall: I would NEVER do it again. honestly, there are people who go to school for this and turn this into their career. This isn’t something you do at-home. Especially if you don’t like a mess or have loads of patient. (Try at your own risk)

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