Meet the Designer of the High-Cut Cheeky Shorts you Need in your Closet

Houston Designer, Tacharra Perry made us the perfect High-Cut Cheeky shorts and now we just want to know more about her! If you needed a reason to support small business, here’s your reason, the shorts are hot. Now more than ever people around the world are showing their support to the growing industry of black business and small businesses, not only can you show support you can look good while doing so. We caught up with the up and coming designer and got the inside scoop on her personal style, how she gets her creative juices flowing, and what’s currently in her shopping cart that we’re adding to ours now.


How would you describe your personal style?

Tacharra Perry: “Simple but statement for sure. People who follow me on my personal instagram know that any sort of denim and a white shirt is like my go-to uniform look. You can’t go wrong. Typically I like to style my everyday look with a statement piece to elevate it a little bit.”

Muse: Kellida Jokudu/ Photos: Riot Muse

How did Char’s Workroom come about and where do you see it headed over the next 3 to 5 years?

Tacharra Perry: “I started in the Tumblr era when it first got introduced to us. I began thrifting a lot for jeans and that’s when I started re-working them and making the “Tumblr shorts’. After that, I taught myself how to sew and from there CHAR was born in 2014. I definitely see myself working with some of my favorite creatives and just ultimately giving people the opportunities, specifically Black people the positions that I either fought for or were overlooked for while working in the fashion industry myself. I want to be able to create jobs, I want to be able to provide a fun environment and not be that typical ‘9 to 5’ that society sees as normal.”

What are some key pieces you always have in your closet? 

Tacharra Perry:  “Vintage denim jeans, anything leather and all sorts of cute white tops. Honorary mention: My Vintage Chanel and Fendi pieces.”


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What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

Tacharra Perry: “I’m so passionate about aviation and planes. Aside from traveling, I enjoy watching planes take-off and land. I considered going back to school to study Aviation Management and work in Air Traffic Control (and still might).”

Sneakers or heels? 

Tacharra Perry: “This is soooo hard. I love a good sneaker, but I’m gonna say heels. I’m a true girly-girl.”

Who are some of your favorite small fashion brands? 

Tacharra Perry: “I’m really digging Atira Lyons headwear right now, From Grayscale (just ordered something from them and loveee) and, JBLANC accessories are bomb, I can’t wait to get my hands on some things.”

Who was your last FaceTime call with?

 Tacharra Perry: “My really good friend, who is also my trainer.”

What gets you in your creative zone? 

Tacharra Perry: “Traveling for sure!”

Photos: Riot Muse

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