PLAYHAUS II: A day with Julie Gray

PLAYHAUS hosted its second annual Pop Up Art Gallery. The call for this sort of creative space is limitless. Thanks to Julie Gray, the creative director behind the musically inclined art showcase, it’s back for its second run. This time around PLAYHAUS II continues to touch base on the ever so evolving street style that has grown in the last 5 years, but the creativity does not stop there. The artists featured are also making sure to stay in tune with current events now more than ever. As easy as it is for us to go about our lives and in a sense run away from the real injustices going on in our country right, these artists have not. We’re glad to see that PLAYHAUS has not put that on the back burner, instead, it showcased its stance; supporting artist featured BLM pieces along with an extensive, and unfortunate editable list of names of Black and Brown people who were killed so unjustly in the United States. It’s nice to know we aren’t forgetting the real issues here. While incorporating such an important movement, the artistic expression was not left out. If you haven’t yet checked in on Julie Gray, here’s your chance. Yes, go click that link! She has a style worth mentioning while staying true to what makes her comfortable but also finding inspiration from artists such as Teyana Taylor; we can’t lie, the mix is dope. One thing we’re still questioning though, how is it that Julie pulled off a dope show in the middle of a pandemic? According to Julie, the way to go about it is keeping a positive aspect, making sure to recharge and regroup. I say it’s easier said than done. Check out our interview with Julie, and of course, be sure to book your tickets to this Houston Pop Up.  

B: “What was it that inspired you to start your popup gallery?”

JG: “Being a new face to Houston, The Gallery allowed me to expand outside of my comfort zone and creativity.  Shortly after, I appeared on Nike’s campaign as “Day in life” filming BTS of my  murals and paintings around the city of Houston.”

B: “New face, who’s Julie?

JG: “Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts I knew from a young age I was unique and creative. As part of, first-generation immigrants from Vietnam I took great pride in my culture and background.”


B: “So what’s a day for Julie like, in the days leading up to your launch?”

B:” Running the show as mommy and CD of an art gallery can be a challenge, how are you staying on your game?”

JG: “It can be overwhelming, with scheduling business and my personal life, but I make it work. Just do it, keep everything pre-scheduled.

B: “It’s hard not to notice your style, and of course I’ve seen your collaboration with Nike, so dope. I have to ask, how has your style changed during these times?

JG: “My all day fit; Bucket hat, sweatsuits, denim jacket & sneakers.

B: “Aside from the gallery, what are you up to these days?”

JG: “When I’m not busy, I enjoy reading, and catching up on her favorite R&B playlist. I love traveling and have lived all over Europe for almost a decade in my twenties bouncing from country to country. I’ve lived in the Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Poland, France, Cyprus, Turkey, and Belarus.”

B: “If you had to DJ for a small dinner party with friends, who’s in your rotation?”

JG: “A variety of everything; Summer Walker, SZA, Future, Fabulous, Ty Dolla Sign”

B: “What are you hoping we can walk away with, after visiting the pop up?”

JG:  “A sense of creativity and an experience.”

Playhaus II, is now open through September 2021, HTX.

To purchase tickets: PLAYHAUSHTX

Photos: Jesse Ballou


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