Playhouse World Visions: Jah Tells Us the Importance of Maximizing Your Time Now More Than Ever

Yes, we’re rooting for everybody black, and so it goes… This week we caught up with Jah, founder of Playhouse World— The Atlanta born designer created a brand that stays true to his roots. We got to check in to see how he’s staying creative during a time where business is not as usual. It was nice to see what our favorite brands are getting into with the down time— Read below to find out how Jah is dealing with building his brand and staying motivated.

What are some key pieces you always have in your closet?

JAH: “Playhouse World Caps. Several lol”

The start of Playhouse World

JAH: “PWV came about 2 years ago. Playhouse has been in my life since birth with my brother using it for his Dj/producer name— with half of my family being from Detroit I wanted to honor my roots by creating the now iconic P logo to reflect where my people migrated to after slavery. Of course there was fear, just as everyone has of failure but I quickly learned it’s inevitable throughout the journey. I’ve failed many times… they just look so good you didn’t notice. And when I say it looked good I mean I didn’t let it be known I felt like I failed or missed my target. I just keep going and that’s what this is about. Being able to keep going. I held myself back for years out of fear of failing. I was failing the whole time I was holding back because success is the actions taken. So now I don’t really think too much on what I’m going to do or how. I feel my way through, rely on instincts and just do it. As far as challenges I would say balancing my time and making sure that I execute to my fullest potential. Due to Covid it’s been a challenge to build some of the content that I would like but it just makes you dig deeper to be more creative. This journey of entrepreneurship will make you dig deep within and find yourself in ways you never had before. Best way to navigate in this field is being yourself and continuously educating yourself and networking.”

More to come

JAH: “In 3-5 years I see the brand taking on much bigger projects and even a first brick and mortar of it’s kind. I like to think of my caps to be just as timeless as a Yankee, Braves, or Detroit cap. I have a lot that I want to achieve through Playhouse before I go off to other ventures. You can expect more hats for sure but I’m gearing up to elevate the brand in many ways just have to stay tuned.”

Dream vacation

JAH: “Africa to the motherland, Japan to fulfill my kid Anime dreams, and Hawaii to take my parents on an ultimate vacation.”

What has being under quarantine taught you?

JAH: “That I am the super hero I always thought I was as a child, except more super than ever. Seriously. It has taught me love for myself love for the people around me and love for what I’m doing. It has taught me how much time we leave on the table unused. I now maximize my time because it’s the only thing we can’t get back. This time has given me more space to get creative and create my own flow. It’s allowed me to love the journey all of it good and stressful cuz none of it’s just all bad.”

What’s in your cup?

JAH: “Tequila anything, Whiskey Sour, French 75”

Personal style

JAH: “Versatile. In ways I’m uniformly dressed. I like to pair hues. I’m not logo driven at all and I don’t tend to follow trends. (They burn out) comfortability is most important to me.”

Playhouse Classics, Black, Red, Blue

Any new pieces you’re looking to add to your wardrobe?

JAH: “Nothing that I’m just dying to have. Although I did really want those 4’s by Virgil. Great trousers are on my must have this season. I’m not in love with fashion as I once was so everything is just stuff ya know.. it’s gotta speak to my life.”

Men’s Trousers, Virgil Abloh’s Off-White x Air Jordan 4’s

Jah’s Favorite Black Owned Brands

Photos: Provided by Jah

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