Skincare: I Tried Dermaplaning For The First Time and Here’s What Happened

Welcome to BarelyFinished Skin Care Series. A journey of finding the perfect skin care routine and treatments because let’s face it, we all want perfect skin! (Good Luck) The BF team went to get a Dermaplaning treatment also known as “Face Shaving.”

 Now, I’ve heard so many great things about this, so it was only right I try it out for myself. This review will be completely honest and unbiased. We promise!

What is a dermplaning treatment?

Dermplaning is the shaving of your face. Nothing more, nothing less. I know many estheticians like to label it as a facial that gets rid of dead skin while exfoliating but that’s not completely true. Yes, dead skin will naturally come off because you’re shaving your face but it’s really removing all the peach fuzz. It’s also NOT an exfoliating method.

How did it feel?

The treatment itself felt very unusual. I say that because I’ve never had a scalpel across my face. In some moments it felt oddly satisfying but not painful at all.

How was your skin prepped?

I purchased the dermaplaning with a customized mask, so she just wiped my face and then begin the shaving process. No steam, no cleanser.

How did your face feel afterwards?

Immediately after, my face felt soft, it looked brighter, and I was impressed.

How did your face look/feel by day 3?

By day 3, I actually didn’t realize much of a difference. The feeling and look I got from the day of was gone. I actually wasn’t even mentioning it to people because it didn’t feel like I did much to my face. Also, no one was pointing out any difference in my face so that could either be good or bad! (Ha-ha!)

Would you get it again?

No! I don’t think it’s a necessity. I feel as if I would be better off getting a HydraFacial or Microdermabrasion Facial. In my opinion it didn’t live up to the hype.


Well it was worth the try. Maybe you’ll have a better experience but for me it wasn’t everything I imagined. Overall, it’s good if you have lots of peach fuzz but I went in with the thought that it would help clear up some hyperpigmentation that I am dealing with and it 100% did nothing for it. So, my journey to perfect, bright, and flawless skin continues.

See the treatment below for your pleasure:

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