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There is a connotation out there that suggests women of color do not need sunscreen. Us ladies at BF want to let you know that you are wrong. We all need sunscreen, period. To further explain, you need sunscreen no matter your shade, no matter the time of year, and most importantly, no matter your budget. The sun is working, and it’s working against your skin! Let it be for health purposes, or beauty.. Your skin, we think at least… Is important.


The need for sunscreen is year round. Yes the rays hit stronger in the summer, there’s no hiding from it. This is where UVA rays come into play. In the warmer months the sun gives off rays that attack your beauty. Steal your youth! Yes UVA is what brings wrinkles and destroys the youthful skin. Not to put a complete damper on UVA, they are also the rays that help with tanning.

During the winter months many assume the strength of the sun has weakened which is not entirely true. This is where UVB comes into play. UVB rays is linked to skin cancer, sunburn, and skin discoloration. I like to call it the silent killer. With that said protect your skin!

BF Top Picks: What We’ve Tried and Love

LEFT TO RIGHT Glossier, Invisible shield; La Mer Reparative SkinTint

1. Glossier: This is a BF go to. The Glossier sunscreen is a great summer item due to its water-gel formula. It won’t leave you feeling sticky and it also doubles as a serum. Using this sunscreen there’s no need to pile on additional moisturizers.

2. La Mer: If you’re anything like us, sometimes the need to splurge is not only on a new pair of shoes, but it’s on your skin! In this case we always go with La Mer, literally the ultimate go to. The SkinTint formula is amazing, in the warmer months there’s no need to apply foundation, sunscreen with a little coverage is all you need. Can’t beat that.

LEFT to RIGHT LA ROCHE-POSAY, Anthelios; Black Girl Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum

3. La Roche-Posay: If you are worried about clogging your pores worry no more. This sunscreen is super lightweight and goes well under your makeup. It’s also very hydrating great for the winter months when your skin can get really dried out.

4. Black Girl Sunscreen: What are all your concerns when it comes to sunscreen, natural ingredients? Vegan? Clear? Need we say more?

LEFT TO RIGHT, Kiehl’s, Ultra Facial Cream; SuperGoop, Glow Stick

5. Kiehl’s: A Classic for us. We can’t skip a beat in our routines and you shouldn’t either. Kiehl’s comes through time and time again with the basics for all types of skin. Here you have your moisturizer built in sunscreen.

6. Super Goop: Great for on the go applying. You can literally pop this in your bag, and pop it right out and apply all over your face, while keeping your hands clean and face protected. A bonus here is it’ll actually make your skin glow. You’ll start using this just as much as you use your favorite lip-gloss.

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