SOCIALITE DIARIES: 7 Days with a NYC Sales Associate

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This weeks socialite, a 31-year-old, living in NYC who secretly has rendezvous in Penthouse hotels with her client’s husband. She’s torn between nice things, and is this even worth it?



9:00am: My alarm wakes me way before it should AND, on my day, off! The blow! Turn it off and check my emails, Instagram, and bank account. It’s my routine. 

9:35am: Make breakfast before I gather my thoughts and see what I need to do today. Is it really my day off?

11:00am: Lounge on my couch and text my friends to see what they are up to. I love my job because working in luxury fashion has allowed me to mix and mingle with some really wealthy people.

1:00pm: After doing nothing all day, I need air; air is grabbing a drink with my friend L. She lives further downtown than I do, but we decide to meet in the middle. I’m in Harlem, and she’s on the Upper West Side.

3:23pm: We arrive at our favorite Italian restaurant. I’m so happy everything is getting back to normal again. We get seated and take off our masks. How refreshing?!

4:00pm: We both order the usual and get a bottle of our fav white wine for the table. L’s filling me in on the drama with her mom right before our drinks arrive.

4:35pm: Bottle halfway down, we order another, and the food is finally here! We devour in silence. 

Total Money Spent: $178

Total Money Received: $0

 DAY 2

10:30am: Back to work today, and I am feeling a slight bit hungover. I am such a lightweight; I wasn’t always this way. 

11:25am: Arrive at work just in time with just 5 mins to spare. The floor looks pretty silent, which is fantastic. I am not up for a rush right now.

1:00pm: My supervisor is nagging us about sales, so I start texting all my clients with all new items we have in stock. I try to avoid this one client, C, because things got weird once we got together. His wife is my client—crazy story.

1:45pm: I was able to make 4 sales which is good, all through text. Taking a lunch now because I am starving.

2:30pm: I get a salad from my favorite salad spot near the job and head back to eat in our break-room. I see a message from P. I want to ignore it so bad because I haven’t had the guts to work with her ever since my night with C. But money is money. She tells me she wants a new bag that she saw on our website. I tell her I will send her pictures once I am back on the floor.

3:00pm: I send P pictures, and she tells me to charge her husband’s card. I know charging his card will prompt him to text me but again, duty calls.

5:00pm: Work has picked up. Still no text from C. Whew!

7:30pm: Heading home because today was a bit exhausting, and I need wine and popcorn.

Total Money Spent: $16

Total Money Received: $0                                                                                                                     


9:00am: I wake up to a text from C. I make sure my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me. Yes, it’s him. Asking if he can see me.

10:15am: I shower and contemplate calling out of work. I need a mental health break. I text my supervisor before laying back down in my robe. After starring at C’s text for the last 20 minutes, I respond, “Hi, I ordered P a bag. Hope you are doing well”. My conscience won’t let me be flirty. P is a really nice woman, and this whole thing is so weird.

12:30pm: I ordered a salad from Sweet Green, and I eat that while browsing the web for trips. I really need a vacation from it all.

1:00pm: I check my phone, there’s a quick pay from C. He sends me $1200 as a ‘Thanks for getting my wife a bag”. He’s so pathetic sometimes but also, I fall for his antics because money talks. I respond, thanks, but I also let him know he doesn’t have to ‘tip’ me for doing my job.

3:30pm: I am not in a relationship, but I am dating. Working in luxury has it perks. I met this guy whose dad owns a hedge fund, and when I say loaded. Yes! We’ve hooked up a few times but nothing serious because he is definitely living the playboy lifestyle. But it’s cool because I am not trying to marry anyone anytime soon. I text back and forth with H, and he tells me he’s horny. I invite him over.

5:00pm: I cleaned up my apartment a bit for H and lit a few candles. He rings my bell, I let him in, and he shows up with a bottle of red wine and tacos. He really knows the way to my heart. He picks me up and starts to go down. I’m in heaven.

Total Money Spent: $15

Total Money Received: $1200

 DAY 4

7:00am: Back to work, so I am up early. I already feel a productive and calm day ahead. I shower, make a smoothie, and do a quick squat challenge.

8:15am: Uber to work because some days I cannot deal with MTA.

8:45am: I arrive early; my manager lets me in. Our store doesn’t open until 10am, but we come in early to put out new arrivals and other things we need to prep for the day.

10:45am: Today seems better than the other day. Business is picking up and we’ve only been open for 45mins. I walk to the back to drink my coffee.

3:45pm: H texts me and tells me he wants to go out for drinks when I get off. I tell him I will let him know. I kind of want to just relax at home. I also wish he would just let “us” go.

7:45pm: Home in my bed. I skipped out on drinks because I honestly just want to sleep and binge-watch Bridgeton.

9:25pm: I facetime my best friend K, and we chat about my encounter with C. She tells me I should see him one more time. She clearly doesn’t think logically. We laugh for a few, but she’s a talker, so I lie and tell her someones on the other line.

Total Money Spent: $19

Total Money Received: $0


8:00am: I wake up to my credit card and rent auto payout of my account. Although I am used to this. It always hits me like a surprise. Thankfully C sent money. Really came in handy. Maybe he should stick around. 

10:15am: Day off today, so I make myself breakfast at home.

12:00pm: I am so full but satisfied. C sends me a text saying his wife is leaving to visit family in Florida. He asks if I want to get a hotel and hang with him. I hate how desperate I get after I pay my bills. I agree.

2:30pm: I wash and dry my hair at home. I also schedule a wax and lash appointment, all on him.

6:00pm: I feel and look so damn cute. I’m trying to get myself in the mood. I wear a skin-tight Saint Laurent dress with my Vega sneakers and Chanel boy bag. C texts me the hotel information.

7:30pm: I arrive at the hotel. Of course, it’s a penthouse suite, and of course, the champagne is already on ice. He tells me he’ll be up in a bit. This is routine, but it’s okay; I like to take the room in without him; before putting on a show. 

8:15pm: C comes in with his causal outfit. It feels odd not seeing him in a suit. We talk about life and work and everything in between. I avoid anything that could bring up his wife because I honestly feel so horrible about it all. He notices and tells me to chill. Men!

9:45pm: We order room service and lay down and watch rom coms.

Total Money Spent: $3,490

Total Money Received: $0


12:00pm: C ordered breakfast in bed, so I am pleased with that. I really love food.

1:00pm: My best friend texts me to see if I wanted to grab lunch with her. I tell her where I am and she sends me smiling emojis. She’s so toxic. I try not to laugh out loud. 

1:45pm: C starts kissing me on my neck. I must admit it’s really amazing. That’s one thing that I can say I get out of this thing. I always finish.

3:15pm: I am exhausted. We went four rounds. I hadn’t even realized we both fell asleep.

7:45pm: We’re finally up, and I start online browsing for new shoes. C hands me his AMEX; I’m smiling so hard inside. He tells me not to go over $5,000. Well, that’s easy. I buy a few things and send them to my house. If I ignore his situation, I think this just might work out. -$4,273

Total Money Spent: $0

Total Money Received: $0


9:00am: At work and feeling refreshed. I get a text from H saying he misses me. I ignore him. Yes, he’s fun, but sometimes it’s too much.

11:30am: I help a few customers via phone, and then I have a few of my ‘rich’ friends come in and shop with me.

6:00pm: Finally, off work and heading home. Today was a good day for me. I get a text from C saying he wants things to be a little more serious between us. I take my time to reply.

8:00pm: I’m lying in my bed, and I get a random text from P saying she would like to grab lunch with me. I am shaking. What the fuck!


Overall Money Spent: $3,718

Overall Money Received: $1200

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