SOCIALITE DIARIES: 7 Days with an Aspiring Influencer

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Today we have a 27 year old living in NYC with a doorman as her personal photographer who enjoys buying Chanel bags, making love to her beau and receiving nice money gifts from her dad! 


12:00 pm: Wake up and stare at my phone, I realize I have 3 missed calls all from my boyfriend. I fell asleep on him last night and he’s probably wondering what happened. (crazy or jealous) ha!

3:00 pm: Finally got up out of bed and decided to take advantage of this decent weather. I put on a pair of Mother jeans which retail for $238 and an Alexander Wang top. I throw on my Golden Goose and pair it with my everyday Classic Red Chanel Boy Bag. Spray on my fav Killian scent ‘Love Don’t Be Shy’. Grab my house keys and I’m out the door. 

5:30 pm: Arrive at STK in Meat Packing. After searching for parking for 30 minutes. Gotta love NYC. My two friends C & K are already there waiting, and we get escorted to the rooftop table we had reserved. We order some food and a bottle of champagne for the table. I hadn’t seen them in about 3 weeks so we caught up on literally everything! I’m texting my boyfriend the entire dinner, he’s coming over later.

8:00 pm: Finally, back home and my doorman is happy to see me. He’s probably just surprised I didn’t ask him to take any lobby pictures today. I get upstairs, take off my clothes, do my nighttime routine and hop in the shower because my boyfriend A is on his way and although I’m slightly tipsy, I am fully horny. 

9:24 pm: A arrives, and he looks so good I want to hop on him now but, I keep my cool. I’m dressed in La Perla satin nightgown with no panties or bra because A is very specific about that. He brings me a bottle of my favorite champs and we relax in the living room talking while looking at the NYC nighttime skyline. I love my view. 

10:30pm: Bottle done. We head to the room and the rest is history. 

Total Money Spent: $327 

Total Money Received: $0 


9:30 am: Up early after a night of champagne and love. I roll over and kiss my bf. Don’t care about morning breathe clearly. 

11:20 am: A orders us breakfast from the deli downstairs near my apartment. Bagel for him and avocado toast for me. We eat while watching tv.

2:00 pm: My bf is working from my apartment. Mainly calling into meetings and answering phone calls. His job allows a lot of flexibility which is great because we get to spend more time together. 

4:30 pm: A leaves to go to the gym. I’m up texting my mom about purchasing a new handbag. She’s probably into fashion more than I am, sometimes a good thing, sometimes not, ha.

6:00 pm: I opt out of going out tonight because I’ve been feeling really lazy. Stayed in and watched RHONY reruns. 

Total Money Spent: $0 

Total Money Received: $0


8:00 am: I wake up early to go to the gym in my building. I haven’t been consistent because of the nice weather but it’s time I regroup, I feel like they say it takes 4 weeks or something to make a habit, so gym it is.

10:00 am: I shower and make myself a green smoothie. I call my bf to see how his morning is going, it does feel weird us not living together but my parents are really stern about paying my rent and having him live with me.

10:20 am: Go downstairs to my mail room I have packages from brands to promote on my IG. Since I am working on being a Social Media Influencer, I have enough followers to do brand endorsements. I guess some would label me as a micro-influencer. 

12:30 pm: Finally done going through my mail and now I am starving. I text A to see if he wants to go out for lunch with me. I literally roll my eyes at his response. He can’t make it because of meetings. Sad. I then text one of my best friends who is down. I start getting dressed. 

2:00 pm: Arrive at one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Soho, Gallied. We order a bottle of wine and our dishes. 

Total Money Spent: $80

Total Money Received: $0


11:00 am: I wake up later than usual. I appreciate this rest. I call my mom to chat a bit about life and our family. I really cherish our relationship because she’s such a sweet and honest woman.

1:00 pm: My Dad is feeling generous and I check my account. He sends me $3,000 because he loves me. My dad is a hardworking man, so I usually don’t speak to him on a daily, but he his ways of showing me he loves me. He really set the bar high when it comes to men.

1:45 pm: My bf stops by with flowers for me. I love him!. I feel like it’s my birthday. I give him a big kiss and that quickly turns to more. I miss him so much; it feels like I haven’t seen him in weeks even though it’s only been a day, I know I’m crazy like that with him.

3:00 pm: I shower and get dressed. I need to pick up some things I purchased from Intermix. I’m going into the store because I also need to try them on. 

Total Money Spent: $1,287

Total Money Received: $3,000


8:00 am: I am up really early because I had an early day. I go downstairs to my gym in my building and do yoga. Annoyed because I forgot my mask. Run back up to get it because my building is very strict about our mask policy not that I don’t agree or anything, just one more thing to worry about!

9:15 am: Back upstairs. I shower, and change into something comfy. I am loving SKIMS right now, like obsessed. I make another smoothie. 

10:00 am: I browse Instagram and try to engage with my followers. I haven’t taken any new photos in a while so I am trying to decide when I should do a mini shoot for some content. I check my DM and a very well known basketball player has sent me a message. I don’t even open it. I love my boyfriend too much, and even though this guy won’t let up I know how that goes. 

11:30 am: Online shopping and watching TV. I settle with a pair of Cartier sunglasses and a Woldford dress. 

4:00 pm: I start getting dressed. I was invited to a friend of a friend’s birthday dinner. I am not sure what to wear but I know it takes me hours to decide so I am getting this process done now. 

6:30 pm: Dressed, makeup done, just waving the curling wand through my hair before heading out.. I call a car service and order a car for 7:15pm. Dinner is at 8:00 pm sharp and I am meeting my friend at the bar before dinner. I am wearing a Zimmerman silk dress with a pair of Amina Muaddi heels. I pair it with my Bottega Veneta clutch and rush to the lobby for pics from my amazing doorman. 

7:15 pm: My car service is outside, so I thank my doorman and head out. Carbone here we come.

7:45 pm: I am here. I immediately go to the bar where my friend is seated and has my drink, a dirty martini waiting. She gets me! My friend tells me how dinner is paid for by her friends’ husband and we also talk about how cute of a couple they are. She covers the tab for our drinks at the bar.

11:20 pm: Finally, back home and I am so out of it. I just want my bed. My boyfriend isn’t coming over tonight, so I pull out my toy and knock out. What a night!

Total Money Spent: $120 

Total Money Received: $0


12:00 pm: I am hungover and feeling so groggy. I facetime my bf and tell him how my night was. We plan a dinner for tomorrow, and once we hang up, I knock back out. 

4:00 pm: I wake up and order takeout from my favorite ramen spot near my apartment. This usually helps me with a hangover.

7:00 pm: Literally slept the whole day away and I do not feel any bit of bad about it. I call my friend back and we chat about the dinner last night. She hooked up with one of the guys there, so she spills the tea. Oh the days, I love hearing her stories.

Total Money Spent: $32

Total Money Received: $0


9:00 am: I wake up at a reasonable time after a crazy few days. I put on a meditation app and try to center myself.

11:20 am: A tells me to check my account. He sent me $2700 towards this Chanel bag he knows I’ve been obsessing over. I can’t wait to marry this man. 

2:00 pm: I haven’t read in a while, so I continue reading my book, “The Woman in The Window”. I love a good thriller.

5:00 pm: I start getting ready for dinner with A.

Final Money Spent: $1,819

Final Money Received: $5,700 

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