The Yeezy of Deodorants and Why You Aren’t Able To Grab One

Two years ago today, you could not convince me that I’d be plotting on a deodorant stick like it was the latest sneaker drop. Like you couldn’t. I’m all for a splurge on beauty products, but reasonably, you know? And while beauty might be in the number 3 category of where my money I dish out money, deodorant, uh yeah no. It didn’t logically make sense. But here we are.

Once upon a time, we saw the Donna Karen Cashmere Mist stick stacked on the shelves of Sephora, and then one day, they had just vanished. Our favorite little secret was gone. 

So, where does one start? Go to any beauty store you can think of that sells it, search all online outlets, ask! Yes did that and got nothing! 

So what about this deodorant that’s so special? They all ask, and we say, try it for yourself, and you be the judge. We’re almost positive you’ll be hooked and searching every Sephora, Ulta, and reseller’s who were selling a stick at 55$ a pop. We’ll let you know now; just as fast as it came, it went. But please do not be discouraged; we, too, assumed it was gone forever. 



PRICE: $29

Then there was an email notifying everyone on the hunt that the beauty Gods gave us a little teaser of more, and yes, before you ask, we jumped to the opportunity and stocked up.

After the first release, a successful transaction but horrible delivery (one that never arrived), our feathers were ruffled; you wouldn’t believe it. For a better picture, think of all the times you thought you were going to get that sneaker that dropped because you had three screens up, but then you were hit with a sad little message “Sorry your submission was not selected. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out this time” Screw that! 

Three orders later, we now stocked up on 12 sticks of this stuff. Yes, we got our hands on the prize. 

As a team, we swear by Donna Karen’s CashmereMmist Deodorant, and we’ve been using it for as long as we can remember; once you go DK, you can’t go back. The scent, classic, feminine, a genuinely perfect mix to be a lady. Something to love about the deodorant is, it isn’t too powerful in smell, and you won’t have to worry about the clash between your perfumes and lotions. It also lasts a very long time. Longer than your usual drug store deodorant, and so the price reflects that. 

SO, where was the deodorant for these past couple of months? We’ve spoken to every store manager we possibly could, corporate friends, did our research, and were given so many different answers, so we arent 100 percent sure. Silence everywhere. Then ping another email alert. Within minutes DK had been sold out yet again. If we’re serious about anything on this team, it’s self-care; we wouldn’t stare you wrong here. But we’re glad it’s back (or for that moment) came back, and more importantly, we’re so happy we got dibs on it.

Set your reminders to the restock. You do not want to miss out again!

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