There’s Money To Be Saved

Every year we say the same thing.

“This will be the year I get my finances in order and save (insert large amount of money)”

While some people are really good at budgeting and saving, (Bless your heart). There are others who just need a little push. The good team at BarelyFinished decided to give you that push! Here’s 5 ways you can jump-start your new financial goals and actually stick to it. Please be advised these tactics are BF approved. (We Got You)


Acknowledge that you may need some help with budgeting.

Please answer honestly!

1. Do you say ‘yes’ to brunch or dinner plans knowing you really shouldn’t, especially when you already spend too much money on food?

2. Do you avoid looking at your account because you just cannot take that type of bad energy?

3. Do you finally peek at your account balance and are extremely confused as to where all your money went because you aren’t sure how you managed to spend ALL that money in 2 days?

If you answered Yes, to ANY of the above questions, don’t stop reading! A change is going to come. 



Set goals

Saving is important but without any goals it’ll come to a point where you’ll start to say to yourself “what is this for.” So, in order to successfully save one must have feasible and obtainable goals. An example could be: $6,000 to pay off debt, $14,000 in an emergency fund, $4,000 for leisure. Whatever your goal is, make sure before you start saving; you have one!



Create an expense list

Often, we spend more than we need to because we aren’t clear on our expenses. How many times have you checked your account and saw a random subscription come out and you’re like “wow I was supposed to cancel this 3 months ago?” So, in honor of all the people who forget to cancel, here’s your reminder: CANCEL THAT SUBSCRIPTION! Unless you really need it. While doing an expense list figure out what your monthly spend is and try to cut back wherever you see fit. Let’s say you usually spend $75 monthly on groceries. Try to make that goal $50. It seems like a big cut but it’s doable.



Create a budget

Now that you have some goals and you know what your expenses are, you need to create a budget. A budget is just a way of keeping you in check. Yes, you got paid! Yes, you paid your bills! But, if you have no budget, you’ll go spending crazy. If your saving goal is $6,000 for the year, than you should do the math once your expenses are done and figure out how much you need to save either weekly or monthly to achieve that goal.

Here’s an example: After your budget and expenses are done. You’ve decided you need to save $11,000 in 10 months. Mathematically, you would need to save $1,100 monthly to achieve that goal. If you get paid twice a month you could potentially save $550 from each check.

Budgeting will get you there. And only budgeting unless you hit the lottery; but that’s a different story.


Ways To Save


1. Savings App

Saving has always been a big deal. So with that, there’s been numerous apps created to help you. My all time favorite is Digit App (No this isn’t sponsored) Anyway, the digit app is the most painless and effective savings app that I’ve tried to date. I love how it anazlyes my spending and removes money based on that. In a nutshell it won’t remove money out your account if they see you’re account is low. So no need to wake up to any surprises. They do charge a monthly fee of $2.99 but that doesn’t bother me because I probably spend more than that in the vending machine at my office.



2. Open a savings account

The most tradional way we’ve been saving! Just open it up and pay yourself like it’s a bill. Just keep in mind that many banks only allow a certain amount of transfers before they either charge you or convert your account to a checking! So transfer wisely.



3. Envelope Savings

This is the old-fashioned way, but still effective! Some people save better when they can physically see their money. You can label them with each goal and save away.



Stick to it

Now that you have these basic and doable steps to actually get your money and finances in order it’s time to pick a side and stay there. Do you want to live life always afraid to check your account or do you want to be that person that is confident because they KNOW what’s in there. I have faith in you. 2020 we saving money, for real this time! ay!

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