Waking Up Next to a BF Girl

Remember the saying, how you start your day plays on how you end your night? You start off strong you finish strong, right? So we woke up next to and headed out the door with the girls of Barelyfinished. While we always hope to inspire, we promise to keep it real, let’s face it we can not stay off of our phones, and yes we should drink 2 gallons of water but who really has the time. Spoiler alert, there’s lots of half full glasses and moisturizing going on. B’s waking up in Indiana to an oversized German Shepherd at the foot of her bed while S is having her morning brew in a New York apartment bathroom. J’s diffusing the entire family and K’s living life as it comes to her.

Hi, out of pure curiosity, what are you doing in the morning that I’m not?!

Brittany – Editor

Most days I wake up in Indianapolis, Indiana next to my boyfriend who somehow manages to end up on my pillow too. My dog is always up before me patiently waiting by the bed for his morning walk. Unfortunately I am a keeper of things haha. My nightstand is always full. Currently I keep my daily devotional book, a journal, lotion, lip balm, my smart watch and phone, another book I’m reading at a glacial pace and a glass of water I never finish. I have the most terrible habit of picking up my phone first in the morning, I’m trying to break it with reading my devotional book and setting intentions for my day. I check my work and personal email, throw on clothes, walk and feed my dog, and moisturize my face. Well, I work from home so I don’t technically leave but I do have coffee every single morning and unload the dishwasher while I’m waiting for it to brew. I know, so GLAM.

Janelle – Co Founder

I wake up in New York City next to my boyfriend and our 18 month old daughter. He has the privilege of taking her to the sitter so my way of helping him out is getting her ready while he gets ready. I am usually up around 6:30 am. I am trying to have calmer nights so I have a diffuser on my side table which I love because I feel like it really helps us to all have a great sleep. I choose the oil based on how we’re feeling. So like, lavender oil if we’re really exhausted and tired, or peppermint oil if the weather has us feeling down. I also have a glass of water, my phone, a pamper and wipes. I usually wake to my daughter climbing on me to nurse. Once she’s done, I get up, boil water for my daily warm water with lime, and then go back to bed (if it’s really early). If it’s crunch time, I’ll get her outfit out while she’s still sleeping and then start getting her ready. Once baby and boyfriend are out the door, I then drink my warm water and lime while scrolling through Instagram because I have some time to spare before I need to start getting ready for work. After that’s done, I shower, get dressed, pack lunch if there is any in the fridge. Before heading out I grab a fruit or something to fuel me while I commute to work, choose a good podcast and take out the trash!

Shauna – Co Founder

After snoozing my alarm at least three times each morning, I wake up in my New York City apartment, on the most comfortable mattress. Hence why it is hard for me to get out of bed, some mornings with my three year old perfectly sprawled on top of me. (he usually climbs in my bed unnoticed) My night stand is  pretty practical to my day to day needs. I keep my laptop which I’m always on writing content or having writer’s block *super sad face*, Kleenex, Kiehl’s lip balm because my lips must be moisturized, like must, and a glass of water that I never finish. Ah, no shame here, I pick up my phone first thing. Checking my text, email, and bank account, you know the works. I’ll then run a shower and head to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, because I can not function without. Once I’m out the shower my coffee is usually ready. I no shame at all drink my coffee in the bathroom while doing a quick skin care routine until it’s time to wake my mini man up for his morning show, he’s currently into Cleo and Cuquin while eating Cheerios with Almond milk. I wish I had something more exciting to say, but I always take the trash out. No matter how big or small I have a pet peeve of trash being left in the house. I’m also fighting with my three year old to hurry out the door, he moves at a snails space, on purpose I think. I’m pretty much always screaming “Hurry up or we’ll be late!” and he’s most likely taking his time, we are always late haha.

Kara – Editor

 I wake up in New York City in a warm big ass bed to myself. I have no side table but I do have a vanity with a mirror so I get to see my beautiful face first thing when I open my eyes. It holds a lot of my make up and extra junk mail and work I have to do. My morning starts with me thanking the universe for waking me up and talking to my pet fish Trav. I feed him and tell him how handsome he is before I start my day. Hopping in the hottest shower possible … like scorching hot, I think of the day ahead of me. I then put some Marc Anthony curl cream on my hair and Lay my Durag on my head to make sure the waves are popping for the day. Brush my pearly whites and get ready for the day. Before heading out I always read a page out of  my book “A Year of Positive Thinking” by Cyndie Spiegel. It helps set the tone for my day.



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